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What Started as an Idea,

Became an Industry Changer

Founded in 2006, Gexin Global Inc. was established in Hong Kong to bridge the burgeoning East with the more robust West.  Ken Le, Founder & President of Gexin set out to change the way IT & Security Solutions can change the way Retail, Broadcasting and Hospitality works to increase ROI along with TCO.

Being involved in these industry verticals may seem varied but the customers whom require these innovative solutions all have one goal.  To be a leader in their industry and to find new ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Gexin is a solution provider to help these companies and others like it, realize the potential to generate more revenue from their current data set.  Being able to mine this data allows our customers to look forward to plan their business goals and strategies in the foreseeable future as opposed to playing "catch-up" with their competition.

Gexin has presence in Asia and North America with the goal to offer our innovative solutions to other regions in the near future.






Multi-million Dollar









Current Longterm



Our clients range across government, listed, private multinationals and

local businesses. We have helped many retail clients improve their efficiencies and sales goals with our sophisticated analytics tools. With a total view of the operations, our retail clients improve upon their expectations for customer retention, sales opportunities and future planning. From Proof of Concept to Implementation, we work with our clients to ensure the highest standards are met to ensure the highest chance of success.

our clients


Gexin proudly encompasses a team of multi-national and diversified

professionals who skillfully connect our clients to the latest technology while providing expert deployment and support. We are a team fueled by passion and powered by innovation.

the team

Ken Le

Founder & President

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